Download SQCpack 7

Version: 7.0.20218.1
Last updated: 05-August-2020
File size: 217 MB


Run the downloaded installation EXE program. Ensure that you start the install by running the downloaded installation EXE instead of starting the install from Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel.

If SQCpack 7 is already installed on your computer, and you desire to update to version 7.0.20218.1, click the download button to download the update installation file.

If you have a version of SQCpack other than 7, do not install SQCpack 7 in the same directory.

>> Download the "Steps for Migrating to SQCpack 7" PDF document

>> Download the technical overview document

If you have trouble downloading or installing this file, please email us at

New features in this version include:

  • Single Subgroup Data Entry – Supports a more focused and faster data entry experience while still including all the features available in the worksheet editor.

  • Filter Prompting in Charts – Allows a user to be prompted for a filter condition when a chart is selected. This permits the creation of a single chart that can be used for a variety of purposes, saving time.

  • Report Creation Performance Improvements – Facilitates easier reports from large amounts of data.

  • Improved Causes, Notes, and Corrective Actions Dialog Box – Makes it easier to add and edit an individual or multiple characteristics.

  • Translations - New language support for French.

  • Common Specifications – Allows the same specifications to be applied to many characteristics. It also makes it easier to edit specifications and apply multiple specifications.

  • Multiple Specifications Limits – This supports characteristics where more than a single set of specification limits exist.

  • Inactivity Timeout – Frees up licenses that are not actively used and assists in compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • New Identifier type "SQCpack User" – Permits name of user who is logged into SQCpack to be automatically entered during data entry.

  • CMM Integration improvements – Increased the number of rules available and improved the way CMM integration can be closed.

  • User Interface improvements including:
    • Specification values for each characteristic can be included when a new Data Group is imported from Excel
    • Presentation of the data grid above control charts
    • Discoverability of chart title macros
    • Easier to view calculated characteristics
    • Added a user-controlled default setting to annotations
    • Ability to show observation points on average charts
    • Ability to default to a median line on Run charts
    • Ability to easily add capability statistics to control charts.
  • Specification improvements: Charts can now use specifications that are defined in: the characteristics of the data group, the original data source, or the chart itself.
    • Specification values for each characteristic can be included when a new Data Group is imported from Excel
    • Specification columns can be mapped for charts whose data is saved in other applications
  • The PQ User Community can now be accessed from within the program

  • Alerting – Automatically send notifications based on out-of-control and/or out-of-spec conditions to e-mail, text message, and/or SQCpack recipients. Charts can be included so those not currently logged in to SQCpack have access to the information they need. Alerts can be generated by data entered in SQCpack, from imported data, or from virtually any data source.

  • Messaging – You can communicate with SQCpack users automatically based on your data or charts, as well as on demand when needed. Messages to other SQCpack users can include SQCpack charts, images, or corrective action procedures, to ensure that information is available for effective decision-making.

  • New chart types:
    • Cusum – cumulative sum control chart, to quickly detect process changes that have sustained differences from the target value.
    • EWMA – Exponentially-Weighted Moving Average chart, to signal when a small or gradual shift in the data is occurring.
  • Slideshow – Charts can be displayed on a separate monitor as a continuously running slideshow so that key quality metrics are always visible and up-to-date.

  • User Experience/User Interface improvements – Various performance improvements based on user feedback, to streamline functions including data entry, charting, reports, and more. Some of the improvements that will enhance efficiency and ease of use include:
    • Charts can now be edited within a multi-chart.
    • It is easier than ever to insert a company logo or another image into your charts.
    • Data entered into an identifier column can be used to create a choice list automatically.
    • A vertical layout option has been added to the Chart Wizard to make creating and editing charts easier when many columns exist.
  • Six-Way Analysis™ – A combination of six charts that provides an at-a-glance overview of your process.

  • Capability summary chart – Allows at-a-glance capability and performance indices to be evaluated.

  • Normal Probability Plot – Allows process normality to be easily evaluated.

  • Global filter for multi-charts – Saves time by allowing easy editing of the charts in the multi-chart with one filter instead of editing each chart individually.

  • Ability to group data in reports – so that analysis can easily be performed (and grouped) by batch number, lot number, shift, year (and other time intervals), or other identifiers.

  • Quick Find feature – Easily find and add data so that less time will be spent searching for data groups.

  • Quick report feature – Allows a statistical summary report to be created and displayed in seconds.

  • New user interface for a better user experience.

  • SQL Server support: SQCpack now uses a SQL Server database, ensuring a robust and flexible data management system, and provides automatic database backup. It also allows simultaneous access to the database by multiple users.

  • The ability to link directly to additional data sources, such as SQL Server, Excel, Oracle, and others providing the flexibility to chart data from virtually any database in which your information is stored.

  • StatBoard®: A statistical dashboard that provides at-a-glance process summary information for data-driven decision making. StatBoard allows you to easily provide Proof of Quality for many measures including process capability, performance, and stability, as well as out-of-spec statistics. StatBoard prioritizes your charts according to the metric you select, and the visuals allow you to easily identify processes that require your attention.

  • CMM Integration: Automatically import process measurement data for quick SPC analysis.

  • Data devices makes it easy to import data from handheld measuring devices such as calipers, scales, micrometers, etc.

  • Divisions: Allows users to be added to Divisions, enabling users to see only data and charts relevant to their divisions, while all share a database within SQCpack.

  • Categories: Data groups, charts, and reports can be associated with a category, which allows for easy sorting and filtering.

  • Chart creation wizard: Empowers the ease of chart creation with an easy three-step process.

  • Live chart editing: Changes instantly appear on charts as they are edited.

  • Audit trail, data, and chart security ensure the integrity of your data and charts.

  • Enhanced chart types, such as stacked bar Pareto charts.

  • Sample prompting to remind users when data should be entered.

  • Searching to quickly find data groups, charts, or reports.

  • Filtering: Allows you to see only the subset of data groups, charts, and reports that you are interested in.

  • Hundreds of user experience improvements that further streamline the process of managing your processes.

  • Translations: New language support for German, Spanish LA (Latin America), Mandarin and Portuguese.

  • Note: Data and charts from SQCpack 6.5, and charts from CHARTrunner and CHARTrunner Lean can be imported into SQCpack 7.

  • Chart template functionality, so users can create templates to apply to all new charts.

  • Combined charts button in data entry allows users to see a control chart and histogram displayed simultaneously.

  • All document types are supported for view during data entry.

  • Must Match List option added for causes, notes, and corrective actions to ensure consistency.

  • Improved speed and performance in group list and chart list with large data groups.

  • Group summary view for easier editing of groups with many columns.

  • Charts in a multi-chart can be updated individually.

  • Quick reports added, for a quick way to see summary statistics for all characteristics in a data group.

  • Title codes added in chart editing to pull information from other areas.

  • Bulk “add/edit” is an easy way to assign a Division or associate a Category with many data groups.

  • Ability to determine the number of samples the user wants to display in a Real Time Chart.

  • Pareto charts can be filtered by any identifier field to allow “drill-down” analysis.

  • "Related Charts" button allows user to view related charts without accessing the chart finder.

  • Charts for selected group(s) can be viewed directly from the data group finder saving time.

  • Performance improvements for accessing charts and groups lists which is especially noticeable for larger databases over slower connection.

  • Improvements in choice list dialog, data device edit dialog, scrolling, and tooltips.

  • Improved workflow when entering Pareto data.

  • Improved ordering of report items.

  • PgUp and PgDn keys added for scrolling.

  • Background rendering of chart thumbnails making it easier to find charts.

  • Individual chart titles can be suppressed in a multi-chart for a cleaner view.

  • Reports can be saved to PDF format without previewing.

  • Option for longer date/time format for date identifiers (i.e. 8:00:00)

  • "Last new data added" column allows users to see what data groups have recently added data.

  • Changes to specification values and renaming groups are now logged in the audit trail.

  • Calculated characteristics now turn red when the value is out-of-spec.

  • Improved data entry experience for date and time identifiers.

  • Improved support for @Date macros allows users to create dynamic time based filters.

  • Added scroll viewer for easier viewing when many charts or data groups are open.

  • Cleaner labeling on stacked column charts.

  • Minimum chart size option added for displaying real-time charts in data entry screen.

  • Ability to import data directly from Excel files.

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