Quality Experts

At PQ Systems our success begins with good people. Our team of quality experts are dedicated to helping our clients improve their quality processes and get the maximum return on their software investment.

Derek Benson

Derek Benson, PQ Systems Application Support Manager, provides both on-site and remote assistance to customers around the globe. He brings a background of technical expertise to his support role, and leads seminar and webinar training for new and practiced software customers. Derek has presented on best SPC practices at ASQ section meetings. Recent consultancies include Saint-Gobain, Signode, Continental Automotive, and Joy Cone.

Steve Daum

M. Stephen Daum, Director of Software Engineering for PQ Systems, has more than 30 years of experience with statistical process control, control charts, and quality improvement software. He has published papers in a variety of professional journals and has led multiple seminars and presented on statistical process control and issues related to quality to a variety of audiences in the U.S., England, and South Africa.

Eric Gasper

Eric Gasper, PQ Systems Product Development Specialist, leads technical seminars, offers presentations at professional conferences, and produces articles related to measurement systems analysis and calibration accuracy for major professional journals. Recent consultancy clients include Harley Davidson, Alcoa Howmet, DANA Corporation, Crown Cork & Seal, Eaton, Carpenter Technology, Spraying Systems, and Whirlpool.

Matt Savage

Matt Savage, PQ Systems Vice President of Product Development, is an experienced consultant to organizations that want to utilize the power of data analysis to improve processes and enhance profitability. He has worked extensively with technical advisory teams and has provided on-site consulting and training in statistical process control and SQCpack applications for a variety of industries.

Matt Wellman

Matthew A. Wellman, PQ Systems product specialist, brings expertise in cyber security and network fundamentals to his customer support role. He leads software product training and provides on-site and remote product support to clients including Siemens, Quadro, Atriom Medical Products, and Celanese.