SQCpack Six-Way Analysis™

See the complete picture with SQCpack Six-Way Analysis

It's one display that puts the pieces together to provide a complete analysis.

SQCpack Six-Way Analysis

The pieces show:

  1. Individuals or X-bar chart
    An indication of central tendency. Is it in control?

  2. Moving range or Range chart
    The variability between one observation and the next. Is the variability stable?

  3. Run or Median chart
    How data is changing over time. Are there any trends?

  1. Histogram
    How data is distributed. Is the central location, spread, and shape acceptable?

  2. Normal Probability Plot
    The distribution of data. Is the data normally distributed?

  3. Capability Summary
    The process spread compared to the allowable spread. How capable is the process?

The pieces come together for an at-a-glance evaluation.

Download Video (MP4, 35 MB)