Renew software maintenance

Why renew maintenance?

Renewing your software maintenance will ensure your continued access to the following great benefits:

  1. Free software updates via download or DVD
  2. Access to our legendary application support
  3. Unlimited access to complimentary webinar training
  4. Free subscription to Quality eLine
  5. Peace of mind

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Software upgrades

Our software continues to evolve with suggestions from customers like you. Renewing your maintenance plan gives you access to 12 months of updates that include new features, improved usability, and compliance with the latest regulations from ISO 9000, JCAHO, FDA, and other regulatory bodies.

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Legendary support

Our legendary support has kept customers coming back for over 30 years. Renewing your maintenance plan will provide you access to our professional support staff and expert statisticians. Via a toll-free number, you can get software and statistical application help.

"While the SQCpack has always been awesome, it is surpassed by the service and application support. Many times I have called on PQ to walk me through the formulas and Pearson Curve-fitting techniques to prepare me to give customer presentations and answer complaints. For 20 years I have depended on PQ Systems and, while some of your competitors may approach your level of excellence, none surpass it."
- Scott N. Heatherly, Possehl Connector Services

"A major advantage to using CHARTrunner is the great technical support that you get from PQ Systems. The link provided in the software to an online support chat system is very convenient! My questions are answered very quickly, with no waiting or searching through help files!"
- Dawn Hollohan, Cape Breton District Health Authority

"The key to GAGEpack is the technical support because, without good support, all of the product improvement is worthless. I have never been disappointed when I have called for help. Questions are answered and technicians take the time to discuss GAGEpack functions that I may not be aware of."
- Joe Roach, Crestview Aerospace

"Your customer service is responsive! Technical help is provided with clear, concise explanations and you are very quick to answer the phone and respond to e-mails."
- Keith Willoughby, Health Quality Council of Saskatoon

Webinar training

At PQ systems we believe knowledge is power and we’ve designed our webinars around various topics that will help you be more successful in your quality improvement efforts. Our webinars provide a wealth of learning for your organization, all provided free of charge as part of your software maintenance plan. They are designed around specific solutions and topics and provide targeted learning. The webinars will teach you and your staff how to apply statistical process control, gage R&R, and other methods and show you how to get the most out of the software investment.

Each live class is led by an experienced instructor who guides you through hands-on exercises, answers your questions, and can personally assist you when you need help, all in an online environment. Regardless of the quality initiative or philosophy your organization has adopted: Six Sigma, Baldrige, ISO, QS-9000, TQM, Deming, Juran, or something else, PQ Systems' training and materials can help you reach your goals.

"Very good class. The subject matter covered was excellent and I actually came away with information that I could use and apply back on the job. This seminar was well worth my time."
- Gary Morris, Jewett Machine

"You have a great team of trainers."
- Shawn Rattee, York Capacitor Corporation

"I liked the informal atmosphere and very helpful staff. I look forward to going back to the ranch and setting up my files."
- Diane Poehls, Lutheran Health Systems

Quality eLine

Quality eLine is our highly-acclaimed monthly electronic newsletter offering tips and techniques to enhance your software use and make your day-to-day work easier. Quality eLine includes Professor Cleary’s popular and always-entertaining Quality Quiz. Renewing your software maintenance will ensure you don’t miss one monthly issue. Visit the eLine archive page to view past editions or to view all software tips and industry update information, simply visit the PQ Systems Blog.

Peace of mind

If your team depends on our software for its improvement charting, having a guaranteed direct line of contact to a committed support team offers priceless peace of mind, especially during an audit or survey. Renewing your maintenance plan ensures that the privileges of the software maintenance continue uninterrupted.

Renew your maintenance agreement today.

Renew your maintenance agreement today.

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"PQ Systems service is totally amazing. In this day and age when people usually say one thing and do another, this is not true with the experts at PQ Systems. They are all patient, knowledgeable and provide support that goes way beyond my expectations."

Karen J. Hitchcock
Secretary, United States Standards Committee, Member U.S.TAG/TC176

(This testimony is not an endorsement by either IRCA or the US TAG to TC 176.)

"I am impressed with your knowledge and helpfulness in resolving all of our issues. Not only is the software outstanding, your technical service is above and beyond the call of duty! When our external IT support was unable to help, you guys stepped up and got it corrected. Very, very impressive!"

Matt Scott
ABC Industries

"I want to let you know that I have been in manufacturing for over 30 years and your customer service has been exemplary. Your responses are timely and spot on."

Brian Bisceglia
Usher Precision