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"Purchasing GAGEpack has proven to be the best investment we've made to manage our QC equipment calibration system."

Steven Petersen
Brush Wellman

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GAGEpack—the original gage management software
for tracking gage calibration

GAGEpack is powerful gage calibration software that will save you time while increasing the accuracy of your gage management and measurement systems analysis. It allows you to maintain a complete history of your measurement devices, instruments, and gages. To ensure timely calibration, the software provides a variety of tools, such as:

  • Gage management software for gage calibration and measurement systems analysis.Calibration schedules and reports
  • Alerts about failed and past due calibrations
  • Gage location and status tracking
  • Gage repair records
  • Audit trail for traceability

Software for gage R&R studies

To help you identify sources of measurement variation, GAGEpack provides a complete statistical and graphical analysis of your measurement system. It performs both variable and attribute gage repeatability and reproducibility (R&R) studies, calculates the uncertainty of your calibrations, and produces accuracy and stability charts. GAGEpack's gage R and R studies include a variety of reports and charts including linearity, ANOVA, control charts, gage error histograms, and appraiser bias to help you maintain gage standards and calibration compliance.

Comply with AIAG and other gage calibration standards

GAGEpack follows the recommendations specified in AIAG’s fourth edition of the Measurement Systems Analysis manual and helps your organization conform to ISO/TS 16949-2009, ISO 9000 section 4.11, FDA 21 CFR11.1, and other critical gage calibration standards.

GAGEpack's gage catalog shows vital information about your gagesEasy gage tracking

PQ Systems has never stopped improving GAGEpack based on our customers’ feedback. With our proven experience, you can be assured that GAGEpack is the easiest gage management software available. If you have been using a manual system or another program to manage your gage calibrations, you will appreciate the flexibility and simplicity of GAGEpack, the original gage calibration software.

Other database options

A SQL Server version is available. Learn more.

Offered in multiple languagesGage management software for calibration and measurement systems analysis.

GAGEpack is available in the following languages:

  • English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish, and Spanish LA
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