The original gage management software for gage calibration

GAGEpack is powerful gage calibration software that will save you time while increasing the accuracy of your gage management and measurement systems analysis.

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Maintain a complete history of your measurement devices, instruments, & gages.

Calibration management

Easily organize your gages and manage calibrations with GAGEpack – the original gage calibration software.

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Measurement systems analysis

GAGEpack is more than managing calibrations. It can also help you with your measurement systems analysis, allowing users to find and correct unacceptable variance.

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Enterprise solutions

Regardless of your organization’s size or database preference, there’s a GAGEpack solution for your unique needs.

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Standards compliance

GAGEpack follows the recommendations specified in AIAG’s fourth edition of the Measurement Systems Analysis manual and can help your organization conform to:

  • ISO/TS 16949-2009
  • ISO 9000 section 4.11
  • FDA 21 CFR11.1
  • and other critical gage calibration standards.

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R&R Study Results report - GAGEpack provides complete R&R Study Results Reports

Gage management made easier

GAGEpack is loaded with features. A few of the most popular are:

  • Alerts and warnings for upcoming, past due, and failed calibrations
  • Gage location and status tracking
  • System reports and certificates
  • MSA study calculations and results
  • Historical records for all of your gages
  • User security and Audit trails

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Exploring Mars:
NASA supplier and GAGEpack support rover’s historic mission

When NASA engineers asked “Could Mars have once harbored life?” and set out to investigate by launching the Mars Science Laboratory rover Curiosity that landed in August, PQ Systems was in the background, not only cheering on their efforts, but indirectly contributing to the success of the mission through its relationship with a key supplier to the effort.

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“I just wanted to take a few moments to let you know how impressed I am with your product GAGEpack and the excellent support your company provides. I know that when I contact PQ Systems I will be treated exceptionally and I appreciate all you do for your customers.”

- Tim Schuster, Brickham Stamping Company

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