Gage calibration management

What is it?

Gage calibration management is fundamental to doing good business in any organization that uses physical equipment to measure its product or service. It involves uniquely identifying measurement equipment and calibrating that equipment at a regular frequency against nationally-recognized standards.

Why is it important?

Compliant organizations maintain appropriate records to demonstrate conformity to ISO
9000 and other standards. Correctly calibrating equipment on a timely schedule is necessary to ensure accurate measurement results. Calibrated measurement equipment doesn’t necessarily produce accurate results, however. Measurement systems analysis is the second tool required to ensure accurate measurements.

How can PQ help?

Gage calibration management software maintains a database of measurement devices and tracks the events associated with the devices. Events such as when a gage was last calibrated can help with traceability. PQ provides gage calibration management software to help ease gage management.

Gage calibration management