W. Edwards Deming interview

This interview with Deming was recorded on February 29, 1984 and became a part of the Transformation of American Industry national training project, developed by Michael J. Cleary, PhD., and David and Carole Schwinn.

The project, supported by grants from the Ford Motor Company, TRW, the State of Iowa, and others, led to the Total Quality Transformation materials distributed by PQ Systems, Inc. and utilized by a network of colleges and consultants to train quality professionals in the fundamental principles developed by Dr. Deming.

Interviewer was William W. Scherkenbach, Director of Statistical Methods at Ford Motor Company, where the interview was recorded.

Michael J. Cleary, David Schwinn, W. Edwards Deming

Michael J. Cleary, David Schwinn, and W. Edwards Deming at Ford Motor Company in 1984.