Concurrent-user software licensing

Our concurrent-user licensing option allows you to install PQ Systems software products on an unlimited number of computers, terminal servers, or Citrix servers. The license server then meters the number of users who can concurrently run the software.

Eliminate the IT burden

Eliminate the task of deploying PQ Systems software applications to tens or hundreds of users. Our concurrent-user licensing option allows you to install PQ Systems software products only once on a terminal server rather than having to install licenses directly onto several computers.

Give more users access affordably

For organizations that want to give many employees access to critical quality improvement software, but anticipate that their employees might use the software infrequently, concurrent-user licensing is a more affordable option. Organizations can purchase concurrent-user licenses in increments as small as one and give an unlimited number of employees access to the software.

Simplify license management

Concurrent-user licensing lessens the burden of license management. Only one serial number makes purchasing, license tracking, and maintenance renewal simple.

For examples on how the concurrent-user licensing option can help your organization, visit the Software FAQ page.

For answers to frequently-asked questions about how concurrent-user licensing works, visit the Concurrent-user license FAQ page.

License manager

When a PQ software application starts under the concurrent-user license model, the PQ Systems License Manager is contacted to verify that the required license is available and if so, grant the user access to the software. The PQ Systems License Manager must be installed on one computer on your internal network.

>> View the PQ Systems License Manager Installation and Administration Guide

>> Download the PQ Systems License Manager