Download GAGEpack 8.5

Last updated: 07-October-2010
File size: 50.9 MB


Run the downloaded installation EXE program. Ensure that you start the install by running the downloaded installation EXE instead of starting the install from Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel.

If GAGEpack EZ 8.5 is already installed on your computer, and you desire to update to version, click the download button to download the update installation file.

Download the separate installation files for GAGEpack Remote (5.8 MB) and GAGEmail (6.1 MB).

If you have a version of GAGEpack EZ other than 8.5, DO NOT INSTALL GAGEpack EZ 8.5 in the same directory as your current GAGEpack software.

If you have trouble downloading or installing this file, please email us at

New features in this version include:

  • Simplify the process of calibrating your gages with the new calibration wizard. The wizard guides you through the steps for calibrating gages and printing worksheets and reports.

  • Use GAGEpack Remote when calibrating gages away from your PC. GAGEpack remote is a utility that can be installed on a laptop to take with you to the shop floor--or wherever your gages are maintained. Enter results into GAGEpack Remote, then synchronize the results with the GAGEpack database when you return to your PC.

  • Use GAGEmail to manage email alerts 24/7, such as reminders to calibrate or friendly warnings of overdue calibrations, to individuals or groups.

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