Download GAGEpack 11

Version: 11.0.15040.1
Last updated: 09-February-2015
File size: 49.4 MB


Do you require an MSI installation file? Download the 11.0.15040.1 MSI installation.

Run the downloaded installation EXE program. Ensure that you start the install by running the downloaded installation EXE instead of starting the install from Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel.

If GAGEpack 11 is already installed on your computer, and you desire to update to version 11.0.15040.1, click the download button to download the update installation file.

The installation file also contains GAGEpack Remote and GAGEmail.

If you have a version of GAGEpack other than 11, DO NOT INSTALL GAGEpack 11 in the same directory as your current GAGEpack software.

If you have trouble downloading or installing this file, please email us at

New features in this version include:

  • Global Wear Trend Analysis tool: Quickly analyzes previous calibration results to find gages that are predicted to fail in the near future, allowing users to stay one step ahead of their work and preventing costly failures.
  • 2D Barcode capabilities and design wizard: Expands the amount of information that can be stored within the barcode. Users can now print 2D barcodes for their Status and Location choice lists, the commands, gage information, and even a free form setting. GAGEpack now supports nine 2D barcode types.
  • "Save to file" for Batch Report destinations: Allows users to save their common reports as an .htm file which can be viewed in Excel or any browser, in addition to being able to print your reports, and email them to colleagues.
  • Enhanced calibration event settings: As calibration steps are completed, GAGEpack automatically updates the Overall result (Pass/Fail), reducing entry errors and saving countless mouse-clicks.
  • Improved features on the Chart Calibration history screens facilitate quick and easy navigation.
  • DivisionsDivisions: Allows users and gages to be added to Divisions in a GAGEpack database, enabling users to see only those gages relevant to their divisions, departments or facilities, and for multiple departments or facilities to be managed within a single GAGEpack database.
  • Corporate Settings: Database-wide options which correspond with certain previously available local settings, providing an enterprise-wide consistency of critical settings.
  • Corporate ReportsCorporate Reports: Similar to the corporate settings, this feature will allow the Supervisor to enable and configure the database’s Reports settings on the database level instead of in the local settings. Both corporate settings and corporate reports are designed to more easily deploy large scale installations of GAGEpack.
  • Translations: Enhanced language support for Italian, French, German, Spanish, and Spanish LA (Latin America), as well as newly-available translations in Mandarin and Portuguese. The default reports, labels, and management statistics are fully translated into the currently active language when they are viewed.
  • Master Gages: Masters tab to store an unlimited number of master gages, along with relevant information about each master gage.
  • Redesigned Gage Viewing windowSearch and Replace: New Search and Replace tools for calibration templates, master gages, and PM plans, to make mass changes to a database quicker than ever before.
  • Redesigned Gage Viewing window: Wider gage viewing window to assure that all available tabs are displayed, with sleeker layouts for fields on each tab.
  • Default “Print after Saving” for Calibrations: A default “Print after Saving” for calibration labels and certificates, replacing manual commands, saving time and reducing steps.

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