Download GAGEpack 10.0

Version: 10.0.13109.1
Last updated: 19-April-2013
File size: 46.8 MB


Run the downloaded installation EXE program. Ensure that you start the install by running the downloaded installation EXE instead of starting the install from Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel.

If GAGEpack 10.0 is already installed on your computer, and you desire to update to version 10.0.13109.1, click the download button to download the update installation file.

The installation file also contains GAGEpack Remote and GAGEmail.

If you have a version of GAGEpack other than 10.0, DO NOT INSTALL GAGEpack 10.0 in the same directory as your current GAGEpack software.

If you have trouble downloading or installing this file, please email us at

New features in this version include:

  • Edit system labels using the label design wizard and easily customize the label with the information you need.Compliance: Option available to enforce the entry of corrective actions when a gage fails calibration or is out of tolerance. This feature provides compliance with ISO-9001, clause 7.6.

    Populate an optional uncertainty column on the gage calibration form and see results print in various reports that display this value when present. Capturing this information is part of the compliance requirements outlined in ISO/IEC 17025:2005, ISO/IEC 17011:2004 and ILAC P-14:12/2010.

    Define acceptable temperature and humidity ranges during calibration using a new page in the calibration settings. Information can be automatically recorded by connecting a Temperature Humidity USB Monitor (THUM) or manually entered.
  • Reports: Build a collection of batch reports that can be regularly distributed and shared easily with others. Using pre-determined prompts, reports can be executed with one click and printed or emailed to any person in the GAGEpack address book.
  • Edit system labels using the label design wizard and easily customize the label with the information you need.System labels: Edit system labels using the label design wizard and easily customize the label with the information you need. Examples of these labels include those printed out after completing a calibration, barcode labels, and inventory labels.
  • Event features: Capture gage data directly from a device connected to the computer's COM port or a USB configured as a virtual COM port. The automated data collection eliminates manual keystroke errors and saves time. Gage data can be captured from gage calibration events along with R&R, linearity, uncertainty, and stability studies.
  • Scheduling improvements: Select the option to move due dates for any scheduled monthly gage calibrations to the end of the month in which the traditional due date would fall. This system flexibility allows you to easily comply with your monthly calibration policy.
  • To do list improvements: Preview and print worksheets for calibration and maintenance directly from the to do list. Email messages sent from the to do list now contain the same gage information that appears on the to do list in a well formatted, easy to read email attachment.
  • New optional module - GAGEmail automated email gage alert system: Receive automated email gage alerts using the optional GAGEmail module. It operates as a Windows service that continuously scans your GAGEpack database to watch for upcoming events, overdue events, and failed calibrations. GAGEmail automatically generates an email when it finds these events. You determine who should receive the messages, what gage information is included in the email, how far in advance of an event the messages should be sent, and the frequency of the messages.

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