Download CHARTrunner Lean 3.0

Version: 3.0.14254.2
Last updated: 11-September-2014
File size: 19.0 MB


Note: The new release will run using your existing license number.

Run the downloaded installation EXE program. Ensure that you start the install by running the downloaded installation EXE instead of starting the install from Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel.

If CHARTrunner Lean 3.0 is already installed on your computer, and you desire to update to version 3.0.14254.2, click the download button to download the update installation file.

If you have a version of CHARTrunner Lean other than 3.0, do not install CHARTrunner Lean 3.0 in the same directory.

If you have trouble downloading or installing this file, please email us at

New features in this version include:

Data above the chart

  • Allows data from any column in the chart to be displayed.Allows data from any column in the chart to be displayed: Provides an easy way to show many pieces of information for each data point (for example, the date, department, and tracking information for each point). This is especially helpful with count data allowing the Numerator, Denominator, and subgroups statics to be shown.

Improved processing speed

  • Provides up to 80% faster charting of larger data sets.

  • An 80% average decrease in wait time when creating and editing charts for large data sets.

New display features

  • Allows addition of data values on control charts to increase chart information and understanding of data.

  • Provides the option to easily hide the ribbon bar to enlarge a chart.

Updated editing features

  • Bar labeling for Pareto charts for easier readability.

  • Improved the editing experience for user-entered chart titles with easier navigation.

Chart customization and flexibility

  • Gage management software for gage calibration and measurement systems analysis.Dynamically treat data as a Special Cause: Provides an easy way to excluded unwanted data from chart calculations, makes the stats more accurately reflect the process. Makes caused data still visible and in “ghosted” form that encourages storytelling, discussion, and understanding about the underlying process.

  • Exclude data: Offers a way to easily exclude data that is obviously wrong from the chart, making the chart more likely to be understood. Keeps the excluded chart data in the source data, just hides the information on the chart.

  • Advanced row selection (group and sampling): Offers a way to easily group data and define sampling, without IT or database admin help, in order to better explore and understand your data in chart form.

  • Improved filtering options (null test): Provides a way to easily concatenate data so that missing values won’t interfere with your analysis. Changes can be made dynamically while viewing the chart.

  • Chart templates: Allows the work required to setup a single chart to be leveraged across many other charts with no effort. Many charts can be easily modified to have consistent styles applied from a single chart.

  • Chart edit panel: Provides improvements to the chart editing features available on the edit panel by easily expanding and collapsing the onscreen panel as needed.

  • Improved chart creation experience: Empowers the ease of chart creation with a much cleaner three-step Chart Wizard assistant.

  • Overall software improvements: Many software improvements were made to help streamline the charting workflow and the editing and analysis process to further improve the ease and functionality and value of the software.

New chart types

  • Specialty charts—sum chart, average chart: Allows raw data to be charted in more meaningful ways using totals and averages without complicated data manipulations.

  • Rare event charts—g-chart, t-chart: Allows important metrics, for which there are few data points, to be understood in control chart form.

Expanded data source options

  • Support for stored procedures and query parameters: Allows users to see complicated data in a simple form, by leveraging stored procedures created by IT and database staff. Enables a single chart to serve many scenarios by using Query parameters that prompt the user for their inputs (i.e. StartDate, EndDate).

  • SQL Server and Oracle support: Provides an easy way to chart enterprise data to encourage and support more data-driven analysis and chart focus.

  • Users can supply a SQL query (in the form of SQL SELECT statements) to fetch data for a chart.

  • CHARTrunner Lean can generate charts using SQL Servers and Oracles’ stored procedures and Microsoft Access’ defined queries, as well as from other databases that require input parameters, such as Excel, text files and those using the Microsoft Jet database engine.

  • Allows users to specify one or more Custom Parameters as part of the SQL SELECT statement in a custom query. This feature can be used with any data source.

Slideshow automatic advance option

  • Allows multiple charts to be displayed in slideshow fashion without user input.

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