These changes and corrections are contained in the 10.0.12272.2 release.

  • GAGEmail has been completely redesigned and rewritten as a windows service application. It will now launch silently and automatically whenever the computer is running, regardless of whether or not any user is logged in.

  • Users can now specify different recipients for each of the three message types (coming due, past due, and failed last calibration).

  • 'Coming-due' and 'Past-due' alerts now have different (user-defined) cycles. FLC alert messages are sent immediately once GAGEmail is aware of them.

  • The friendly warning period can now be set globally (one for all gages) or on an individual gage level (each gage has its own warning period).

  • Removed the 60-day maxiumum on the friendly warning period. Messages can now be sent as far in advance as the user would like.

  • Added the ability to watch for gages coming due based on number-of-uses. The uses-remaining percentage threshold is adjustable.

  • Removed the one-email-per-gage default that caused significant email spam. Now each recipient will recieve a single email with all appropriate gage information.

  • Email messages containing information from multiple gages are no longer in plain text. Rather, the gage info is attached to the email messages in formatted .htm files which can be opened with any web browser.

  • Users can now easily specify what gage information should be included in the email messages using a drag-and-drop interface.

  • It is no longer necessary to configure email settings (such as server name, login credentials, default reciever, etc) in GAGEmail since these are now read directly from the GAGEpack database.

  • GAGEmail now records its activities in a table in the GAGEpack database. Users can examine this table from the GAGEmail settings page to see the details of what is going on behind the scenes. This record is also useful in that it allows multiple instances of GAGEmail running from different computers to watch the same gage database without sending duplicate messages.

  • Added a new page to 'Global settings' in GAGEpack to configure GAGEmail.