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See why SQCpack is regarded as the world's smartest SPC software, and learn how you can easily improve your organization's quality assurance program.

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SQCpack Overview

Find out how SQCpack utilizes the power of data analysis to improve quality and enhance productivity.

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Learn how SQCpack’s StatBoard can help your organization with data-driven decision making.

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Set up alerts to stay connected with your processes or be notified of potential issues.

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Charting External Data

Charting data from an external source.

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Data Groups

Creating data groups.

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Creating multi-charts.

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User Roles and Rights

Configuring SQCpack users and user roles to restrict access and secure your data.

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Out-of-Control Testing

Learn more about out-of-control testing.

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Use customized reports to easily share information with others.

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Creating an SQCpack database.

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Divisions and Categories

Using Divisions and Categories to segment your database.

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Chart Groups

Creating a chart group for easy access and sharing of charts.

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Importing from CSV Files

Importing data from a .CSV or .TXT file.

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Three-Way Charts

Learn when to use three-way charting.

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Recent Activity

Learn how to view your recent activity.

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