SPC Data Collection Software

Easily retrieve quality control data from across the plant or across the globe for an enterprise level view of process performance.

Whether your operators are manually entering measurements or your SPC data comes directly from a measurement device, SQCpack provides all of the tools you need for process control data collection.

Data devicesData devices

Import data from handheld measurement devices.

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CMM IntegrationCMM Integration

Import measurement data from CMM equipment.

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Charting from external dataCharting from external data

Powered by an enhanced version of the CHARTrunner Lean charting engine, SQCpack can link to data from various external sources and clearly present it for SPC charting and statistical analysis.

Data can easily be retrieved from any or all of the following sources:

  • Microsoft Access
  • SQL Server
  • Microsoft Excel
  • ODBC
  • OLE DB
  • text files

Manual SPC data entry made easier than ever!

Enter SPC data directly into the application using the familiar spreadsheet UI.

A familar spreadsheet-style data editor allows operators to enter process data directly into SQCpack.

Existing data import

Does your quality control data reside in other programs? SQCpack can readily import data from other applications via .CSV or .TXT files.

Quickly identify process signals by connecting SQCpack to your measurement system with handheld data devices or integrate with a CMM to filter the key metrics you want to track.

SPC software for histogram, control chart, capability analysis, and Pareto diagrams that you'll need to comply with ISO 9000, Six Sigma, Baldrige, and other quality standards.

New! Data entry notifications and prompts

Data entry alerts can be customized to notify and prompt operators when it is time to enter new data. Regular prompts will remind your busy operators to enter data on schedule as they go about their work.

    Real-time SPC
  • On screen prompt
  • "Toast" pop-up

Lightpole support included - SQCpack features lightpole support for seemlessly integrating data entry alerts with existing systems.

SQCpack also includes process control alerts to ensure awareness of process shifts! Learn more about notifications and alerts.