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How is PI VIZpack licensed?

PI VIZpack is a cloud-based concurrent licensing model; this means you need to have an internet connection to authorize your use of the premium features.

Concurrent-user licenses, also called floating licenses or flexible-use licenses, allow customers to install PI VIZpack on an unlimited number of computers or servers. A license server meters usage of PI VIZpack, enabling no more than the licensed number of users to run the product simultaneously.

The number of users that can access the program at one time is dependent on the number of licenses (seats) purchased. Anytime a device views or edits a report containing one or more licensed PI VIZpack visual(s), a license seat will become occupied. The seat is released after fifteen minutes of inactivity for use by other devices.

If at the time you attempt to view a report, no seats are currently available, you will encounter an “in use” message, and your visual will be rendered in basic mode, which will remove premium functionality such as out-of-control testing, or advanced statistics.

You can provide access to your entire team, while only purchasing the number of seats that are expected to be in use simultaneously. Depending on the expected traffic of viewing reports, you may be able to get by with only one license. However, if you anticipate more substantial use, you may require additional seats.

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