SQCpack Control Chart Software

If monitoring your company's key processes has become overwhelming, SQCpack control chart software is the solution. SQCpack is a robust Statistical Process Control (SPC) application designed to monitor, analyze, and control your production processes. Its easy-to-use interface provides real-time updates, at-a-glance control charts, out-of-control alerts, and more.

What Is Control Chart Software?

Control charts are an invaluable tool to interpret data from a process or system over time. Control charts show when there are statistically significant changes in the data, as well as how a system or process is changing.

Control chart software automates the control chart process, allowing organizations to scale their quality improvement. Whenever the process being monitored exceeds the lower or upper control limits, it is a signal that special cause variation exists. Software such as SQCpack automates this process. The SPC software can send a text or email alert or trigger a light pole alarm, alerting technicians to abnormal occurrences.

Several types of control charts exist, each offering different analysis. Selecting the best control chart for your application is essential to ensure the best insight into your processes. SQCpack control chart software enables businesses of all sizes to leverage the power of SPC data analysis to achieve strategic quality outcomes.

The SPC platform is easy to use and scalable. It combines SPC techniques such as control charts and process capability analysis with flexibility and ease of use. SQCpack includes all the tools required to optimize process performance, and ensure compliance with critical quality standards.

SQCpack Control Chart Software

What to Look for in Control Charting Software

Does your control charting software include relevant information to give insight about your processes? Regardless of your industry, healthy control charts mean accurate control charts--ones that transform data into useful information.

How does one evaluate the quality of a control chart, though? When using control chart software, it is important to know that great diversity exists among these programs. For a complete discussion of seven ingredients of all good control chart software programs, download our free whitepaper Seven Traits of a Healthy Control Chart. This list will guide you as you evaluate the quality of your own control charting software.

What to Look for in Control Charting Software Two of the traits to help you evaluate what you need in your control chart software program are 1) control limits that reflect a process shift and 2) chart annotations.

In using control chart software for process improvement, one can expect to see changes in the process over time. As a process improves, the control chart software must be able to reflect the new reality. If the data on a chart shows a significant improvement or change, the control chart should communicate this with multiple sets of control limits. SQCpack software offers this control chart visualization of an improving process which can be a powerful way to communicate feedback to workers in the process, management, customers, and other stakeholders.

Another feature of control chart software programs to consider as you monitor and improve processes is chart notation, enabling you to add notes of explanation as needed. A control chart can be more useful with the addition of some well-placed text, lines, and/or arrows. SQCpack allows users to add these control chart annotations to document process changes or note important events that affect the interpretation. Make sure your control chart software allows for easy annotations to your charts.

Software is an outstanding tool for creating control charts, but software by itself cannot improve a process. Improvement will come from the data-based decisions that are made after interpreting the charts. That’s why the control chart software that is used should have the features and flexibility to make the charts easy to interpret.


How Can SQCpack Help You Improve?

SQCpack takes the basic functions of control charting and supercharges them into an all-in-one solution for easy analysis and interpretation. It helps you reduce variation and improve processes via a wealth of control chart features and functions:

  • Control Charts – Whether you have measurement or attribute data, variable or fixed sample sizes, and a subgroup size of one or more, SQCpack is the control chart software for your data and application.

  • Capability Analysis – Assess process capability and performance with indices such as Cpk and Ppk.

  • Six-Way Analysis – Generate SPC control charts, capability summaries (Cpk, Ppk), histograms, and normal probability plots, all on one simple dashboard.

  • StatBoard – SQCpack’s StatBoard summarizes several processes into one simple control chart software ranking, so that you know what needs attention.

Want to know more? Check out these informational videos to learn how SQCpack control chart software helps businesses to improve the quality of their production processes.

The Benefits of Using SQCpack

SQCpack control chart solutions allow you to take key process monitoring to the next level and combine a variety of quality control tasks to save time and money. The benefits of control charts are innumerable, but here are just a few benefits of using SQCpack:

Employee Efficiency

SQCpack enables employees to concentrate on core tasks due to its immediate feedback, prompts, control chart alerts, and real-time SPC charting features. It enables technicians to prevent potential process control issues before they become problematic.

Audit Success

SQCpack can help technical teams achieve audit success by organizing quality data and keeping historical records, making it easily accessible for auditor requests.

Customer Trust and Satisfaction

The SQCpack Six-Way Analysis and Certificate of Analysis features provide the reports you need to assure your customer of your high quality, helping you gain customer and stakeholder trust, and increase your brand's credibility.

Security Peace of Mind

SQCpack security and traceability features offer peace of mind as they ensure that your company’s precious process data is safe and protected.

Discover the Power of SQCpack

Discover the Power of SQCpack

If you’re in the market for control chart software, SQCpack is an easy-to-use solution that takes the tediousness out of SPC control charts, is easy to deploy, and is adaptable to any office, plant, or lab application.

SQCpack is available to evaluate over a 14-day trial.