Calibration Management Software

As the global manufacturing industry expands, the need to streamline asset management has also increased. Gages vital to an organization’s measurement system such as calipers, test indicators, pressure sensors, and scales require regular calibration to ensure that they perform as intended.

Given the volume of measurement equipment in industrial settings, savvy equipment managers are turning to GAGEpack automated calibration management software for help with their gage maintenance and management.

What is Calibration Management Software?

Calibration management software is a type of quality control software that keeps schedules of the calibration and preventative maintenance service of measurement equipment in manufacturing settings. Calibration software is an automated quality management system that oversees calibration scheduling, optimizes calibration frequency, performs measurement systems analysis, and generates reports and calibration certificates.

Gage Management Software - GAGEpack

What Can GAGEpack Do for Your Business?

GAGEpack is an all-in-one calibration management software solution that makes accessing all of your gage information a breeze. It offers a wealth of benefits for companies of all types, including:

Scheduling of Calibrations

GAGEpack calibration software provides industrial calibration tracking for measurement devices. Whatever the industry, GAGEpack offers calibration scheduling based on device usage or time and can send critical alerts for effective gage management.

The software generates detailed calibration history records and sends automated alerts that cover upcoming, past-due, and failed gage events. The built-in calendar provides an at-a-glance schedule for calibrations and other events.

With this calibration management system, users can view summaries for gage inventory as well as calibration and maintenance workloads all in one place. Users can also analyze crucial data, such as who performed specific calibrations, the temperature and humidity at the time of calibration, associated calibration costs, and other factors to ensure proper management of all measurement devices and fixtures.

Measurement Device Maintenance

GAGEpack software also helps with preventative maintenance management and servicing events. Maintenance can be scheduled based on usage or time and GAGEpack will automatically remind you when maintenance service is due. This facilitates preventative maintenance so that service is planned to ensure optimal gage performance.


Built-In Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA)

GAGEpack calibration management software provides a range of tools to help you identify sources of measurement variation and create complete graphical and statistical analyses of your gage measurement systems.

You can perform repeatability and reproducibility studies, calculate measurement uncertainties, and produce stability charts to assist with calibration frequency optimization. These types of studies give additional insight into a measurement system beyond calibrations alone.

Compliance Management

Our calibration management software can generate over 150 customizable gage reports and provide calibration certificates for regulatory and auditing purposes. It is especially useful for addressing customer questions should an issue arise, or for recalling information needed for calibration audit trails.

An All-in-One Software Solution

GAGEpack is designed to roll all aspects of calibration management and measurement systems analysis into a single, convenient solution. It comes with an extensive list of features, including:

  • Barcode reader and label printer support
  • Gage usage reports
  • Import wizards
  • Management analysis & reports
  • Pre- & Post-calibration results and historical records
  • Repeatability and reproducibility studies

The Benefits of GAGEpack

GAGEpack's robust feature options come with an equally long list of benefits. When you choose GAGEpack, you'll enjoy:

Easy Access to Calibration Management Information

GAGEpack offers quality and calibration managers easy access to gage information. Our gage tracker software helps teams obtain precise records of calibration events and provides the device traceability necessary to comply with industry regulatory bodies.

Time Savings

With GAGEpack, technicians spend less time tracking equipment maintenance and calibration status, and more time overseeing the equipment itself. The software has powerful filtering tools, which can help calibration managers respond to audit requests.

Increased Efficiency

GAGEpack can help managers run labs or manufacturing facilities more efficiently, reducing costs, and promoting more productive use of employee time. It's a comprehensive calibration software solution that allows staff to balance workflow and complete calibrations more efficiently.

Ensured Industry Compliance

GAGEpack helps businesses comply with industry standards such FDA CFR 21 part 11, ISO 9000 & ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO/IATF 16949, and ISO 17025, and requirements set by governmental agencies like the Department of Energy and the Department of Defense. Users can maintain a precise audit trail with detailed records of changes to calibration events and gages.

Effortless Global Management

GAGEpack is easy to deploy across local or global networks, allowing users to access it from multiple locations. The information in the database even remains intact in the event of connection outages, so there's no need to worry about a loss of critical data.

Learn more about how GAGEpack can help your business, including:

  • Generation of detailed calibration reports and certificates
  • Traceability of calibration records for auditing and regulatory purposes
  • Organization of equipment to ensure timely calibration events
  • Secure management of calibration records while allowing for quick and thorough searching

GAGEpack Calibration Software

Learn More About GAGEpack Calibration Software

At PQ Systems, we're committed to developing calibration software that makes quality control and maintenance tasks easier for companies across every industry. 

GAGEpack is an easy-to-use calibration management software solution vital to the quality management of calibration events and devices, ensuring increased efficiency and industry compliance.

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