Calibration Software Solutions

There is a genuine need for the careful implementation of gage control management solutions in manufacturing industries, especially regarding measurement devices. Handheld measurement devices such as gages, infrared meters, thermometers, and scales, all need consistent and accurate calibration to ensure that they measure tolerances to preset values.

However, in modern industrial settings, manual tracking of calibration isn't practical due to the vast volumes of equipment in any given facility. A software solution is the most viable option to ensure effective gage control. That’s why quality and calibration managers use GAGEpack calibration software as an effective management solution for world-class gage control and measurement system management.

What is Gage Calibration?

Calibration is an essential process in measurement technology. The simplest description of a calibration is comparing an unknown to a known. The unknown is the measurement device, gage, or tool that you are using to collect measurement data on parts, products, or goods. The known is an established standard--a set of blocks or master gage--that an outside source has verified. A calibration is the act of comparing those two elements and, if necessary, adjusting the gage to match the master gage.

Calibrations are necessary to ensure everyone is in lock step with the same measurement units across the globe. Regular checking of gages with verifications and calibrations establishes confidence in the measurement system.

What is Gage Calibration?

What is Calibration Software?

What is Calibration Software?

GAGEpack – The Original Calibration Management Software Solution

Calibration software solutions consist of a database of all the measurement devices and equipment in an organization for the purposes of tracking the calibrations to ensure accuracy. Calibration software enables users to manage their devices, device data, and calibration efforts from one central interface. 

Calibration software ensures that all calibration events are performed accurately and on time, improving the quality of calibration results, reducing errors, and standardizing asset management.

Technicians and equipment managers can use calibration management software to manage calibration and maintenance schedules, leaving them free to focus on other core tasks, saving time and reducing overhead.

Because calibration management software makes it easier to maintain precise historical records, it can also help organizations comply with quality standards.

GAGEpack – The Original Calibration Management Software Solution

GAGEpack is a comprehensive calibration management system equipped with robust tools to provide easy access to all of your gage data, including calibration schedules, calibration procedures, event history, and much more! What can GAGEpack do for your organization?

Tracking Gage Events and Measurement Equipment

GAGEpack offers calibration scheduling based on time or gage usage and sends automated alerts for upcoming, past-due, and failed gage events.

In addition to viewing measurement equipment inventory and projected workload summaries, you can also analyze crucial data such as who performed the calibrations, when the gage was calibrated, and the temperature and humidity at the time of calibration.

This all-in-one calibration software solution has a built-in calendar that makes it easy for managers to schedule calibrations and manage upcoming gage events.

Eliminate Calibration Errors

GAGEpack software enables you to integrate label printers and barcode readers to minimize calibration errors. Users can also create specific worksheets to complete calibrations and organize procedure documentation for easy access.

Reports and Certificates for Industry Compliance

With GAGEpack calibration software, nearly any gage report is at your fingertips. GAGEpack also provides calibration certificates that satisfy industry auditing and regulatory requirements. When required, these reports and certificates are useful to show a detailed audit trail.

Built-In Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA)

GAGEpack offers a full range of tools to help you identify sources of measurement variation and create complete graphical and statistical analyses of your measurement systems. Users can quickly produce charts, calculate calibration uncertainties, and carry out repeatability and reproducibility studies.

Unsurpassed Versatility

With this single calibration software solution, your company gains access to a wide range of functions, including:

  • Gage usage reports
  • Barcode reader and label printer support
  • Import wizards
  • Pre- and post-calibration results and historical records
  • Overall analysis and reports
  • Repeatability and reproducibility studies

Why GAGEpack Calibration Software?

First released in 1986, GAGEpack is the original calibration software solution. GAGEpack comes with a long list of benefits for companies in every niche. When you choose GAGEpack, you get more than just a gage calibration tool, including:

Help Meeting Regulatory and Quality Requirements

GAGEpack helps to guard your organization against potential pitfalls such as an audit finding. GAGEpack also ensures that laboratories, manufacturers, and other organizations comply with industry standards such as:

  • AS9100
  • FDA CFR 21 part 11
  • ISO 13485
  • ISO/IEC 17025
  • ISO 9000 & ISO 9001
  • ISO/IATF 16949
  • Department of Defense
  • Department of Energy

Lost gages are easy targets for auditors. GAGEpack helps inventory and track your gages so that you can easily locate them. Overdue gages may be the single most common audit finding. Records pertaining to all servicing events, calibrations, maintenance, and measurement studies are readily available in GAGEpack and easily accessible during an audit.

Easy Access to Gage Management Information

GAGEpack provides quality and calibration managers with reliable access to gage information. Our calibration management software helps calibration managers and their teams obtain accurate records of calibration history and device traceability, necessary to comply with industry standards.

Audit Compliance

GAGEpack saves time by automating gage calibration scheduling, tracking, status, and historical records. The software has built-in filtering tools that help quality managers respond to audit requests instantly—no more hours spent searching for the relevant records! A lost calibration certificate is an easily avoidable audit finding when you use GAGEpack.

This easy-to-use calibration management software solution also ensures that poor gage records, lost or missing gages, failed gages, and past-due gages are a thing of the past. It contributes to a sound internal audit system that helps quality and calibration managers identify any areas that needs improvement before any crucial audits. GAGEpack is a time-saving investment that helps organizations to develop a reliable measurement system that will stand up to an auditor’s toughest review.

Projected Workloads

GAGEpack can help managers run labs or manufacturing facilities more efficiently, reducing costs, and promoting more productive use of employees’ time. It’s a comprehensive calibration software solution that allows staff to project workload and more efficiently balance workflow.

Global Access

You can deploy GAGEpack across local or global networks, allowing users to access the software from multiple locations. And, if a power or connection outage occurs, the information in the database remains intact.

See GAGEpack in Action

Check out this video to learn more about how GAGEpack can help with:

  • Creation of full calibration reports and certificates
  • Assurance of precise, historic calibration records to comply with auditing, regulatory, and industry standards
  • Quick and thorough searches to put calibration records at your fingertips.
  • Prioritization of devices and gages so that you never miss a scheduled calibration

Get GAGEpack for Your Business

GAGEpack Calibration Software

Maintaining a system to calibrate measurement equipment at regular frequencies doesn’t have to be time consuming. GAGEpack makes essential gage maintenance and calibration management a breeze. It is an easy-to-use calibration management software solution vital to the quality management of calibration events, ensuring increased efficiency and industry compliance.

Want to try out GAGEpack calibration management software before you commit? Download a free 14-day trial. This version grants access to all the powerful gage management tools GAGEpack has to offer, as well as customer support services.

If you do decide to purchase GAGEpack--and we're confident you will--get in touch with our team for a custom quote. If you want to learn more about how GAGEpack calibration management software can streamline your gage and calibration management, call us at 800-777-3020 or email us for a free demo.