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Missing the point: Gage variability and operational definitions

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Welcome to Quality eLine, a monthly summary of blog posts from PQ Systems, developers of software solutions and training services that help customers demonstrate proof of their quality performance.

The PQ Systems blog is your hub for industry quality news, case studies, information about product enhancements, and tips to enhance your software use. Have your say and exchange ideas in this interactive format.

Missing the point:

Gage variability and operational definitions

The process of analyzing gage variability is often highly structured, involving an examination of the gages themselves for sensitivity to temperature changes, magnetic fields, and other factors. These are the easy ones. The second area of variability has its source in gage operators themselves, who may have different levels of training, experience, fatigue, and even attitude.
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Quality quiz:
And last month's winners!

Winners of last month's quiz and a copy of Practical Tools for Continuous Improvement: Volume 1 are Mark Wooten (Elite Medical, LLC of Bartlett, TN); Chris Fitts (Grass USA of Kernersville, NC); and Lynette Hansen (Molina Healthcare of Midvale, UT). Congratulations! For this month's quiz, and a chance to win a copy of Practical Tools for Continuous Improvement: Volume 1, submit your response by August 31.
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Data in everyday life:
What will you do with your summer vacation?

Taking time off for vacation seems to be a diminishing phenomenon among American workers.
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David SchwinnQuality transformation:
Heart and soul

Willie Nelson reminds David Schwinn about the role of passion in this unlikely pairing of visionaries.
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Bytes and pieces:

  • White paper: New standards for medical device manufacturers will go into effect December 2018. Industry experts have developed a free white paper to provide guidance.
  • Food safety: Company vows to cut the use of antibiotics in its chicken supply, joining other major fast-food chain operators in the battle against the rise of dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria known as superbug.
  • Auto recall information: This booklet acknowledges that more can be done to assure vehicle safety, with information that every vehicle owner should know about actual and potential product recalls.
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