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Version: 3.00.022
File size: 69.2 MB


To install, run the downloaded installation EXE program.

This is a 2-use trial of a full working copy of Quality Gamebox. You can install Quality Gamebox by downloading a single self-extracting zip file. After downloading, installing, and starting Quality Gamebox, you will find Help button. Click this for Help running the simulations or for a more detailed explanation of each.

Download problems?

If you have trouble downloading the installation file, please contact us or request our demo disc.

Technical support

Free application support is available during the length of your evaluation. If you have questions about the software during the course of your evaluation, please contact the PQ Systems application support staff.

The trial license grants you access to all software functions and features, but only for 2 uses. After that time, the license expires and you will no longer be able to run the software. You will need to contact PQ Systems to purchase the software.

Thank you for evaluating our software.