Make learning quality concepts fun!

Quality Gamebox software is a collection of quality simulations and experiments. It demonstrates classic quality management concepts in ways that are both entertaining and educational. If you are a trainer, professor, consultant, or someone who wants to illustrate basic statistical concepts, this tool is for you!

Illustrates quality management theories

Each simulation includes a description of the quality management theory and an explanation about how the game illustrates it. While providing thoughtful instructions, the software’s colorful graphics, animation, and sound make the learning experience fun. Quality Gamebox is a helpful tool in the classroom, with Six Sigma or in any process improvement training session.

Offers variety of fun and innovative simulations

Quality Gamebox includes the following models:

  • Deming's red bead and funnel experiments
  • John McConnell's dice experiment
  • Quincunx
  • Central limit theorem
  • Bar-X shooting range

"Quality Gamebox is great! Our instructor used it in his Six Sigma black belt certification course with us. Thanks!"

Mary Ruiz
Oracle Corporation

The main menu screen from Quality Gamebox

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