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ASQ - American Society of Quality site offers quality resources and information. Also visit ASQ's magazine Quality Progress online.

Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) - The Institute for Healthcare Improvement offers resources and services to help healthcare organizations make dramatic and long-lasting improvements that enhance clinical outcomes and reduce costs.

iSixSigma - Quality resources for achieving Six Sigma results, this site includes articles and discussion forums.

Obelis European Authorized Representative Center - Obelis European Authorized Representative Center (O.E.A.R.C.) provides CE Marking regulatory compliance consulting to manufacturers worldwide, in accordance with European Directives. Our high quality compliance solutions, proven by our ISO 9002 certification, include Commercial, Regulatory, Administrative, and Market Development Services through our Brussels, Belgium headquarters. Our worldwide regulatory solutions are provided through our global and professional One Link One Solution™ Network.

Qserve Consultancy - Provides coordinated European and American regulatory and quality strategic planning, guidance and implementation from design and development through to market launch, including all regulatory documentation and submissions, to medical device companies worldwide.

Quality Digest - The online edition of Quality Digest magazine offers articles, news, and resources.

Quality Magazine - Quality Magazine's online edition offers articles and a reader forum.

SPC Press - SPC press and Statistical Process Controls, Inc. specialize in statistical tools for understanding and using data. They offer public and in-house seminars, consulting, implementation assistance, books, videos, training aids, and specialty items.

Statistics.com - Statistics.com offers a comprehensive directory of links to statistical data, statistics discussion boards, and job listings.

SixSigma.us - SixSigma.us Provider of Six Sigma and Lean Flow statistically based process improvement services

MicroRidge - Hardware and software solutions for RS232 and network data acquisition. Products include our line of gage interfaces and software keyboard wedges.

Potential Solutions and Associates - Potential Solutions provides continuous improvement training, leadership development, and human resource services.

Tal Technologies - Tal Technologies offers RS232 data acquisition software, serial and TCP/IP communications software, barcode software, bar code ActiveX, bar-code generating DLLs and RS-232 Boards.

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Recommended books & reference materials

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