Download the latest release

If you're installing SQCpack for the first time, select SQCpack version 7 from the list below.

If you already have SQCpack installed, you should download and install the same major version of the software that you currently have. For example, if you have SQCpack 7 then you should download and install the latest release for version 7.

Latest releases of SQCpack

>> SQCpack version 7

>> SQCpack version 6.5

Please contact us if you have an older version.

Release history

To see the changes that have been made to each release, click here.

Finding your SQCpack version number

If you are not sure which version you have, look in the program's Help menu and select About.

If you do not have a current maintenance agreement, you can purchase online or call one of the offices listed below.

North and South America
Contact our US office at:
800-777-5060 or 937-813-4700

Europe or Africa
Contact our UK office at:
0044 (0) 1704 871465

Contact our US office at:
+61 3 9999 7347