Data Devices

Save time and increase the accuracy of your observations by eliminating manual data entry.

Gage interface software and SPC data collector

SQCpack's data devices import tool allows you to easily retrieve SPC data from a wide variety of plant floor measuring devices including calipers, micrometers, and scales among others.

Data devices

Instant information for process control and continuous improvement

To prevent costly input errors and ensure a quick reaction to process signals, SQCpack allows operators to see the readings through a large easy-to-view display window, providing immediate feedback.

Import from the following data devices:

  • Gages
  • Scales
  • Calipers
  • Micrometers
  • And any other device featuring RS-232 data output!

SQCpack also features full support for CMM Integration.

Collect SPC data directly from up to 24 devices

SQCpack is easy to set up and compatabile with almost any measuring device that supports RS-232 SPC data output via the communication port. You can manage data from up to 24 different devices at once across 4 communication ports.

Import measurements or other SPC data output files directly into SQCpack, or save them as Excel or ASCII text files. As ASCII text files, your measurements can be used by most popular spreadsheet, database, and statistical analysis packages.

Take complete control of your measurement tools and simplify CMM calibration management with GAGEpack.

GAGEpack provides all of the tools you need to timely manage CMM calibrations and create a complete analysis of your measurement system.

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