SPC Charting

SQCpack - Innovative and adaptable SPC charting software

Get to the discovery phase of your processes faster and reveal what your data is telling you.

Analyze mass amounts of data easily, utilizing the software’s SPC charting tools. SQCpack allows users to create vivid and appealing control charts to cut through the noise and get to the information that you need.

Spend your time improving processes - not creating charts

An intuitive user interface and easy-to-use charting wizard streamlines the process of generating SPC charts.

With SQCpack, you can evaluate your data in various chart formats such as:

  • Attributes control charts
  • Variables control charts
  • Histograms
  • Pareto bar charts (cost and count)
  • Multi-line charts
  • Multi-charts
  • Other SPC charts

A variety of SPC control charts and process capability calculations

SQCpack Six-Way Analysis™

Six-Way Analysis is a combination of six charts that provides an at-a-glance overview of your process.

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Stay in control of your processes

Monitoring your processes has never been easier. You can employ a variety of options to quickly see and identify trouble before it arises.

SQCpack lets you choose AIAG, Wheeler, AT&T, Shewhart, or Juran out-of-control tests, or define your own.

Label or remove special cause data on SPC charts

SQCpack provides two easy ways to treat special cause data.

Assignable cause data: By labelling data with an assignable cause, it is still visible in a “ghosted” form that encourages storytelling, discussion, and understanding about the underlying process.

Exclude data: Excluded data is removed entirely from the chart, but does not alter the source file.

SQCpack chart editor

Customize your SPC charts

SQCpack's chart editor gives you complete control of how your control charts look, including colors, fonts, line styles, and fill patterns.

Easily add your logo to SPC charts for branding and clear communication of your achievements.

SQCpack chart editor