Capability Study Software

Produce better than spec results with SQCpack’s powerful capability analysis tools.

SQCpack allows you to demonstrate proof of quality performance to customers, auditors, and stakeholders by using capability analysis to assess whether your process is statistically capable of meeting specifications or requirements. Ensure processes are on target with minimal variation with the following capability analysis calculations:

  • Process capability indices: Cpk, Cp, Cr, Cpm, Cpu, Cpl
  • Process performance indices: Ppk, Pp, Pr, Ppu, Ppl
  • Defects per million: Dpm

Use Six Sigma capability analysis to meet the highest quality customer requirements.

In scenarios where specifications are one sided (eg. strength tests) or non-normal data is being studied (eg. measures of flatness) SQCpack easily handles it.

With SQCpack, you have complete control over what happens when an out-of-spec condition occurs.

  • Send text messages or emails to alert managers.
  • Set visual indicators (eg. a light pole) to alert shop floor personnel.
  • Require operators to enter a corrective action.