SQCpack provides all the tools, including control charts, histograms, capability analysis, and Pareto diagrams that you'll need to comply with ISO 9001, 21 CFR 11, AS9100, TS 16949, and other quality standards.

SPC data analysis tools:

SPC chartingSPC charting

Get to the discovery phase of your processes faster and reveal what your data is telling you.

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Capability analysisCapability analysis

Produce "better than spec" results by ensuring processes are on target with capability analysis.

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Analyze numerous processes at once and prioritize them for further investigation.

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Real-time SPCReal-time SPC

Prevent quality control issues with immediate process feedback and real-time alerts.

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SPC data collection tools

SQCpack integrates with your existing systems, connecting to handheld devices and CMM equipment, and accessing data from a variety of software sources.

SPC audit trail and data security

  • User security, rights, roles, and divisions ensure only authorized personnel can work with various levels of the program.
  • Auditing functions allow you to review the history of changes to your data in order to maintain complete control.
  • SQCpack is easily scalable. Whether it’s for use on a single line or a global implementation across all your plants, SQCpack can easily handle it.

Product literature

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SQCpack SPC software

"PQ Systems is just incredibly professional and easy to work with. We looked at other competing software but none offered the total package as SQCpack does. When combined with their support, price and customer service, there was only one choice for us."

- Tim Pratt, Siemens Energy, Inc.

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