SPC Audit Trail and Data Security

Employ access levels to ensure that your quality data is secure

SQCpack offers dependable security tools and complete traceability so that you comply with quality standards and keep your data protected.

Rights, roles, and divisions ensure only authorized personnel can work with various levels of the program.

Audit trail and data security

Audit trail and quality standards compliance

Auditing functions allow users to review the history of changes to their data to maintain complete control.

Identify process history for auditors with traceability and record detailed information with extensive cause and note fields and chart annotations.

Scalable to your organization's needs

Deployment of SQCpack is completely scalable. You can run SQCpack from computers that are connected to the database over a wide area network (WAN).

Store data in a single database, or multiple databases, as your needs require. Performance is not affected when many users access the same database.

IT-friendly data storage

SQCpack stores data in a robust and flexible Microsoft SQL Server database. Your IT team will have peace of mind knowing that if the connection to the database is lost (eg. loss of power) while SQCpack is writing information to the database, the database will not be affected. IT can also easily and reliably perform backups of an SQCpack database while users have the database open.