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Children's Hospitals

Children's health care: SQCpack goes where quality counts most

Providing health care demands critical attention to quality in every process. When it involves children, the issue seems even more acute. A major hospital system in the Twin Cities plots surgical measures and board quality measures, supporting its quality improvement efforts with SQCpack from PQ Systems.

Children's Hospitals and Clinics, which offers a full range of pediatric specialty services, critical care, and clinics to children from neonates through adolescents, has taken special advantage of the features of the software program, according to Matt Savage, SPC project manager for PQ Systems. The staff of Quality Resources has been able to utilize SQCpack to its greatest advantage, largely because they pursued on-site training in order to understand the best uses of the application. Those who participated in the training say, "The software was easy to use, but individualized training assured that we were all on the same page." Individuals with varied levels of computer expertise were all able to increase their level of knowledge. Savage visited the hospital organization to deliver two days of training to those who were using the software.

SQCpack helps teams focus on improvement

Charting has enabled the large health care organization to focus on data as it pursues continuous improvement in processes. Teams have used SQCpack to decide where to focus their improvement energy and to measure improvements as they have occurred. The software provides a system to monitor processes and outcomes and help in deciding where efforts should be focused.

Children's Hospitals and Clinics is the largest health care organization in the upper Midwest, with 268 staffed beds at two hospitals in the Twin Cities. The hospitals formed a Quality Resources group in the 1980's to track patient outcomes, thereby launching quality improvement efforts that have been continuously sustained since that time. Julie Morath, chief operating officer, and Louise Cunningham, director of Quality Resources, continue to address documentation and identification using SQCpack and its visual displays of charts.

Quality improvement system well documented

With increased attention to quality in health care systems, hospitals and other health care organizations are collecting and analyzing data for improvement, and Children's Hospitals is no exception. Like other organizations that respond to requirements to professional standards, Children's must provide records and documentation to support its improvement efforts.

PQ Systems offers a variety of support to health care organizations, including training and software as well as instruction in improvement tools and their application to health care environments.