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CJ Foods

Company produces high quality pet food with help of SQCpack

With help from SQCpack and PQ Systems' application support team, CJ Foods has been able to keep a handle on quality data for its animal food products, impressing its customers with its ability to organize and document information quickly and to provide clear, accurate visual information about processes.

Lois Luthy, quality assurance supervisor, says that SQCpack has been easy to use, and that the time invested in learning the program has paid off in the organization that it brings to the company's data control program. Data control and process statistics have always been critical elements in CJ Foods' operation, but "keeping a statistical eye on all of the data can be a full time job," Luthy says.

SQCpack simplifies data analysis and increases quality assurance

SQCpack has helped the company to simplify its data analysis and monitor its critical information, and Luthy says that PQ Systems' application support team has been especially helpful in making transitions from older versions to new releases of the program. The company has recently moved from SQCpack 3.0 to SQCpack 2000.

CJ Foods has been producing a variety of extruded animal foods since the company's beginning in 1985. Founders Chuck and Joyce Kuenzi began the business in Pawnee City, Nebraska and focused on manufacturing half-products—ingredients used in creating finished products. In 1988, Chuck and Joyce's son John Kuenzi took over the business and two years later led the company in the switch from human to pet food.

Since the transition, CJ Foods has seen tremendous growth in the business' relatively short history as the number of employees has increased from the initial 12 to nearly 100 today. The growth of personnel can be attributed to the physical growth of the plant itself. In 1995, a 13,000 sq. ft. expansion was completed and was followed by another 42,000 sq. ft. expansion in January 2000.

CJ Foods manufactures for nearly 30 different companies, creating more than 100 complete animal diets. The small community of Pawnee City has also benefited from the company's success.