Version 7 latest release

NOTE: SQCpack version 7.0.18003.8 may perform a database update

If SQCpack version 7.0.18003.8 is deployed in a multi-computer environment, all computers sharing the same database will require SQCpack 7.0.17209.1 or higher.

If you wish to continue, download the update below.

Version: 7.0.18003.8
Last updated: 03-January-2018
File size: 155 MB


Do you require an MSI installation file? Download the 7.0.18003.8 MSI installation.

Prior versions:

If you are not ready to deploy the latest SQCpack update, then the database should not be upgraded and the prior version of SQCpack should be used. If the prior version needs to be installed, select a prior version below.

7.0.15172.1 EXE MSI
7.0.15203.1 EXE MSI
7.0.15338.5 EXE MSI
7.0.16001.1 EXE MSI
7.0.16011.1 EXE MSI
7.0.16085.5 EXE MSI
7.0.16111.3 EXE MSI
7.0.17139.6 EXE MSI
7.0.17213.3 EXE MSI
7.0.17216.5 EXE MSI
7.0.17297.2 EXE MSI
7.0.17297.2 EXE MSI
7.0.17335.3 EXE MSI

You can use the SQCpack silent MSI installation file to install or update SQCpack remotely via Active Directory Group Policy.

There are two significant benefits from using Group Policy to install and update SQCpack:

  1. You can easily and quickly push the installation or update of a specific SQCpack version to all of the computers in your organization that use SQCpack. If the new version of SQCpack will modify the database to support new features then all computers in your organization will need to run the new version of SQCpack.

  2. SQCpack will be automatically installed or updated the next time the target computer is started or restarted. An advantage of this approach is that SQCpack user(s) on the target computer do not require Administrator privileges in order to obtain the new version of SQCpack.

Follow the steps described here to install or update SQCpack using Group Policy.