Innovative and adaptable SPC charting software

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CHARTrunner Lean SPC software is the next generation of charting software from PQ Systems. We have taken an innovative approach to charting by creating a straightforward user interface. This provides a simplified user-experience that further streamlines the process of creating charts that can be interpreted and shared with others.View sample CHARTrunner Lean SPC charts

CHARTrunner Lean retrieves data from various sources and clearly presents it for SPC charting and statistical analysis. This eliminates the need for importing, exporting, and tedious data entry. Data can be easily retrieved from any or all of the following:

  • Microsoft Access
  • SQL Server
  • Microsoft Excel
  • ODBC
  • OLE DB
  • text files

Create, analyze, and discover

Performance improvement charting has never been easier. A chart wizard walks you through the chart creation process. Once created, you can modify and customize your chart to fit your needs using live-editing capabilities right on the chart.

CHARTrunner Lean updates your charts in real time. Once you create a chart, you can save and reuse your chart or series of charts. Each time you open a chart, it automatically grabs the latest source data and updates with a fresh chart. You can also set a specific refresh interval for any chart to update with the latest data so you can make timely decisions. When browsing created charts, you can easily find the chart you need by viewing thumbnail images. Multi-charts can be displayed on one screen and arranged with a click of your mouse.

Now you can get to the discovery phase of your data faster to find out what your data reveals about your processes.

Your data revealed

With CHARTrunner Lean SPC software, you can evaluate your data in various chart formats such as:CHARTrunner Lean's easy-to-use interface makes creating and viewing your charts simple.

  • Attributes control charts
  • Variables control charts
  • Histograms 
  • Pareto bar charts
  • Process capability studies
  • Multi-line charts
  • Multi-charts
  • Other SPC charts

What sets it apart

The software has been designed with an aim towards ease of use. CHARTrunner Lean focuses on efficient and easy-to-use workflow for producing, navigating, and analyzing charts for quality improvement.

For over 30 years, PQ Systems has worked with users who create and analyze quality improvement charts. This collaboration has allowed us to focus CHARTrunner Lean on essential tasks and remove extra, non-value added work from the charting process. It is not uncommon for a new user of CHARTrunner Lean to create a useful chart within the first three minutes of using the product.

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CHARTrunner is fantastic! It has eliminated the tedium of copying and pasting imprisoned data.”

- Mike Farnam, QA Manager, Unilever

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