Statistical process control (SPC)

A leader in SPC software

For over 30 years, PQ Systems has been a leader in providing statistical process control (SPC) software to a variety of industries.

Since 1982, when we released our first generation SPC software, SQCpack, for an Apple II computer, we have been dedicated to continuously improving our statistical process control software solutions. Countless conversations, focus groups, surveys, and other feedback sessions with software users led us to develop CHARTrunner SPC charting software in 2000, followed by the next generation of SPC charting software, CHARTrunner Lean. CHARTrunner Lean is an ideal solution for creating SPC charts from Excel, Access, Oracle, or other business software systems.

Today, we offer SPC software solutions for a variety of applications, from real-time manufacturing solutions to presentation-quality report generation.

How you deploy and use SPC charting software will be unique to your organization. We recommend that you consider the following list of questions in order to select the best SPC software solution for your specific needs:

  1. What are the data sources for these SPC charts?
  2. Is there currently an ongoing way to gather and store this data?
  3. How often will the SPC charts be evaluated?
  4. Who will evaluate the SPC charts?
  5. Who will create the SPC charts?
  6. Is this a short-term project based need or a long-term process based need?

Once you have answered some of these questions, one of our SPC consultants can help recommend a statistical process control software solution for your application. Call 800-777-3020 or request a live chat to discuss your needs with one of our advisors.


Control charts, Pareto charts, and capability analysis.

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