What's new in the latest release?

GAGEpack is powerful gage calibration software that helps you manage a complete history of your measurement devices, instruments, and gages.

Some of the updates and new features in the 12 release include:

  • New visual improvementsVisual improvements streamline the window view by collapsing the navigation panel and moving it to the ribbon, making filter information more readily available, and altering less-used commands by invoking them through buttons.
  • The ability to search within a specified column.
  • A new “all calibrations” filter type on the history tab shows both internal and external calibrations.
  • “Show failed calibrations only” checkbox added in history list for internal and external calibrations.
  • Gage filters are now integrated with the Dashboard.
  • New “Copy to Clipboard” feature added to Gages and Archive tabs allows users to paste content into other programs such as Word, Excel, or an email message.
  • Dashboard upcoming events chart respects corporate settings.
  • DashboardA powerful dashboard that provides a high-level overview for managers, technicians, and auditors. It provides summary information about gage inventory, historical events, and projected workload for better decision making.
    >> Watch a video about this feature.
  • Archiving feature allows obsolete gages to be segregated while retaining the associated data for reference and regulatory compliance.
    >> Watch a video about this feature.
  • User experience improvementsUser experience improvements that further streamline the gage management process.
  • Quick Search eliminates the need to create filters.
  • Global Filter applies filter to all tabs allowing greater granularity when reviewing specific gages.
  • Unified calibration form for a simplified user experience.

What's new in past releases?

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