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How to choose calibration software: Ten top considerations

If you’re beginning to be serious about the possibility of transferring all that penciled-in data from your 3 X 5 card system—or a customized, no-longer-supported program--into a secure software program, don’t let the task of selecting the right software program stand in your way.

MSA: Measuring your measurement system with a performance curve

Excessive variation in measurement systems, can cause product to be produced that is out of specification. Graham addresses ways to diminish variation.

MSA: Excessive variation can generate out-of-spec results

Excessive variation in measurement systems can generate out-of-specification products. In this column, Graham addresses ways to diminish variation.

MSA: When should a measurement study be done?

Jackie Graham, Ph.D., gives guidelines for knowing when to undertake a study. When in doubt—do a study!

MSA: Setting up a measurement system

Jackie Graham, Ph.D., gives guidelines for setting up a measurement system.

MSA: What about bias?

When bias appears in a measurement system, it is imperative that it is addressed in order to assure accurate outcomes.

MSA: Analysis of data from measurement system

The previous article looked at an assessment of the variation in appraiser’s results. This time we will continue to discuss analysis of data generated from a measurement study.

MSA: Determining significant bias

Considering the statistical significance of bias: when can one say that a statistically significant bias exists?

R&R studies support measurement systems reliability

R&R—repeatability and reproducibility—has nothing to do with a respite on a tropical island, nor with highly complicated statistical techniques. Instead, it offers an approach to measurement systems that verifies their reliability and enhances their accuracy. A white paper explains how to conduct a simple R&R study.

Ten questions to ask before you select gage management software

We all know that making a business purchasing decision generally involves a far more complex process than simply picking a flavor of ice cream or a brand of detergent. This may be especially true in considering the purchase of gage management software, which demands an understanding not only of complex calibration processes but also of specific standards that may be required and needs that must be met.

Warning: When calibration isn’t enough: Identifying measurement problems

In this white paper, Jacqueline Graham, Ph.D., points out that keeping your car in good condition is analogous to calibration of equipment. But is this enough?