GAGEpack is powerful gage calibration tracking software that helps you manage a complete history of measurement devices, instruments, and gages.

Maintain complete gage calibration history

Gage card
Calibration event

Calibration event
Label wizard

Label wizard
  • Employs faultless security to ensure that your measurement data is secure
  • Offers dependable traceability so that you never fail an audit
  • Complies with FDA 21 CFR 11.1
  • Allows you to base calibration due dates on usage or time
  • Includes gage R&R studies to support current AIAG methods
  • Optional module notifies you via email when a gage is due for calibration
  • Offers skip dates so that calibration due dates are set only on dates your plant is open
  • Allows you to sort gage lists by gage location, calibration due date, R&R due date, gage type, and more
  • Displays pre- and post-calibration results to help you comply with gage tracking standards
  • Includes linearity plots, stability charts, and bias studies that help you comply with ISO/TS 16949:2009 requirements
  • Supports label printers and barcode readers to minimize keystrokes and errors
  • Offers an easy import wizard to ensure that your existing gage data is retained

Analysis and reports

GAGEpack allows you to create reports, print calibration labels, and customize any existing report. Reports provided include:

  • Calibration planning report
  • Calibration history
  • Gage R&R summary
  • Gages by location, job number, etc.
  • Gages usage
  • Certificate of calibration
  • Gages due and overdue for calibration
  • Labels
  • Audit trail
  • Pending alarms
  • Gages due for R&R analysis
  • Inventory
  • Calibration and R&R results
  • And 90 more reports!

New optional module: GAGEmail™

GAGEmail - Receive automated email gage alertsReceive automated email gage alerts using the optional GAGEmail module.

GAGEmail operates as a Windows service that continuously scans your GAGEpack database to watch for upcoming events, overdue events, and failed calibrations.

GAGEmail automatically generates an email when it finds these events. You determine who should receive the messages, what gage information is included in the email, how far in advance of an event the messages should be sent, and the frequency of the messages.

>> Watch a video about this feature

GAGEpack linearity plot

Measurement systems analysis

GAGEpack includes the following tools for analyzing your measurement system:

  • Linearity plots
  • Uncertainty
  • Stability studies
  • Part appraiser average (X-bar)
  • Repeatability range control chart
  • Appraiser average (run chart)
  • Whiskers charts
  • Gage error histograms
  • Gage performance curves
  • Intraclass correlation plots
  • Operator bias charts

>> Read more about using GAGEpack for MSA

Product literature

>> GAGEpack brochure (PDF format)

Offered in multiple languages

GAGEpack is available in the following languages:

  • English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish, and Spanish LA

GAGEpack offers a versatile package that definitely helps improve our measurement procedures.”

- Guillermo Mendez, Dana Holding Corporation

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