Meeting calibration standards with GAGEpack

Regardless of your industry, there are certainly regulations that govern the proper way to care for and manage your gages. These standards exist to define the ideal way to manage gage inventory records. Formally complying with a set of gage or calibration standards not only ensures that your organization has a well-maintained gage inventory, but it also grants you the privilege of proving your quality to other organizations as well.

Accordingly, GAGEpack includes all the tools and functionality necessary to maintain compliance, including a number of features to ensure that your team always has precise calibration records. These include:

  • Dependable traceability
  • Pre- and post-calibration results and records
  • Certificates of calibration
  • Gage usage reports
  • Audit trail

Comply with industry standards

GAGEpack helps you maintain gage calibration records in order to comply with industry standards including, but not limited to:

  • ISO9000 & ISO9001
  • AIAG calibration standards
  • ISO/IATF 16949
  • AS9100
  • FDA CFR 21 part 11
  • ISO13485
  • ISO17025

Standards are constantly evolving and new standards are always being created. If you have questions about GAGEpack’s calibration standards compliance, please contact us.