Calibration management with GAGEpack

One of your most important tasks is making sure your gages are calibrated correctly and on time. GAGEpack is a complete calibration management software solution that can help you with all of your calibration tracking needs.

Gage calibration management

Calibration tracking and alerts

Every piece of measurement equipment inevitably becomes less accurate over time as it is handled and used. To ensure every active gage is reading correctly GAGEpack:

  • Recalculates due dates to save you time and to ensure accuracy
  • Provides a perfect working platform with its innovative to-do list
  • Includes a familiar calendar interface to keep you up-to-date
  • Creates quick, yet robust reports of upcoming and past due calibrations
  • Filters your data so you only see the devices that you need to, when you need to
  • Gives you the ability to automatically send email notifications for coming due, past due, and failed calibrations

Manage calibration steps and procedures

An integral part of a total calibration management system is the ability to organize and access the procedures you need to complete calibrations. To make procedure tracking easier, GAGEpack:

  • Contains a field detailing the calibration procedure, which provides quick and easy access
  • Provides the ability to link to and view a document containing procedures and/or pictures
  • Allows you to list the steps used to correctly calibrate the gage, and gives you a place to enter the results
  • Creates intuitive worksheets to use when completing a calibration
  • Makes tracking your master gage references nearly effortless

Manage your historical calibration records

To keep your past calibration management details easily accessible and organized, GAGEpack:

  • Keeps a record of all of your calibrations and their results
  • Allows you to keep other relevant information such as who calibrated the gage, the temperature, the cost, the status of the gage, etc.
  • Easily finds the record you need, when you need it
  • Creates complete calibration certificates that you can keep on file
  • Provides a method of linking to and viewing external calibration certificates
  • Audits user activities so you know if calibration data has been changed