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Versa-Tech Technologies

Versa-Tech Technologies proves its quality in gage management with GAGEpack

A stated goal for Versa-Tech Technologies, a Michigan manufacturer of axles and other industrial parts processes, is simply to provide quality workmanship for its customers. To help satisfy that mission and assure accuracy in its measurement system, Versa-Tech relies on GAGEpack from PQ Systems. Accurate measurement systems and records are among responses to the perennial question, “How DO we prove our quality?”

Versa-Tech provides light-duty, super-duty, and heavy-duty axles for the automotive industry. The company purchases forgings for axles, which they turn and assemble. Other processes include splining and heat treat for most of the axles.

With demands for accurate measurement devices to assure high quality products, Versa-Tech turned to PQ Systems. Jodie Cybart, Quality Assurance Coordinator and Dragos Dragoi, Quality Manager, have participated in training seminars to learn more about features of the GAGEpack solution. Using GAGEpack supports the company’s Technical Specifications and ISO registrations, Cybart says. The ISO/TS16949 specification emphasizes defect prevention and the reduction of variation and waste in the supply chain.

Versa-Tech has about 19 different kinds of gages, with a total of 153 active devices. Its stable of measurement devices includes calipers, micrometers, height gages, and indicators, as well as hardness testers, an optical comparator, profilometers, and CMM equipment. In spite of this diversity in its measurement equipment, “GAGEpack definitely makes it easy to keep track of them,” Cybart says. The company uses the worksheets for all calibration and maintenance, recording time and expense, and uses this information for monthly reports. “We also scan the worksheets into the history, to document completion of the process.” she adds. In addition they use GAGEpack for supporting activities such as, Customer Specific Requirements – to ensure they have the latest revision levels for their required specifications.

Cybart is a fan of GAGEpack. “The more I use GAGEpack, the more amazing it becomes. My quality manager, Dragos Dragoi, will say to me, ‘I wonder if we could …,’ and I look in GAGEpack and show him we can, sometimes with the help of the great staff of PQ Systems.” The company is anticipating acquiring additional licenses, as well as expanding the scope of GAGEpack to support maintenance operations, QMS, and the internal process audit system.

Having the right tools is critical to providing proof of quality throughout an organization’s processes. GAGEpack is clearly an important tool for Versa-Tech and its customers.