SQL Server integration

The gage management solution for your global organization

GAGEpack expands your gage management options across your network or across multiple plants. If you need access to gage calibration and/or measurement systems analysis on more than two workstation computers, then GAGEpack is the preferred choice.

GAGEpack stores data in a SQL Server database so that:

  • If the connection to the database is lost (power loss, network issue, etc.) while GAGEpack is writing information to the database, the database is not damaged;
  • Performance is not affected when many users have the same database open in GAGEpack;
  • You can reliably perform a backup of a GAGEpack database while users have the database open;
  • You can run GAGEpack from computers that are connected to the database over a wide area network (WAN).

GAGEpack can use your existing SQL Server infrastructure, or you can install the free SQL Server Express edition on Windows XP or higher (i.e. it is not mandatory to have a server-class computer). PQ Systems offers assistance in installing SQL Server Express for use with GAGEpack. Contact us to learn more.

Try GAGEpack with SQL Server free for 14 days.

If you want to evaluate the program in conjunction with SQL Server, please contact us for assistance with setup.

If you want to simply evaluate the program without server setup, we recommend you download the non-SQL version of GAGEpack.