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Auburn Clutch

SQCpack and GAGEpack support company's quality system

GAGEpack and SQCpack are an essential part of Auburn Clutch's quality system.Auburn Clutch Company has grown and changed in the years since its founding nearly 70 years ago, but the company has continued to focus on its mission of meeting customer expectations and continually improving. SQCpack has been helping the company do this since the early 1980s, and continues to be a part of its quality focus.

Stephen A. Mason, quality manager for the Indiana company, says that Auburn Clutch relies on SQCpack as well as GAGEpack to support its quality system, and has appreciated the application support that PQ Systems has given its users. The company attained ISO certification in February 1999 and has continued to meet the standards through several audits.

Analyzing data from many processes

Auburn Clutch manufactures products for agriculture and off-highway use applications. Its products include Auburn Style Clutch, Angle Link Clutch, 9-11 Dual Clutch, Split Torque Clutch, Vibration Control Dampers, driven disc assemblies with organic and ceramic facings, and performs various grinding and machining processes for a variety of customers. With this variety of products, the company collects data on many processes, and SQCpack has helped analyze and chart this data. Among Auburn Clutch customers are John Deere, Mahindra and Mahindra, Tru Part, N.A.C.D., CNH, Eaton, and Agco.

Mason was introduced to the DOS version of SQCpack in the early 1980s. He learned about the program while he was taking statistical quality control classes at Ivy Tech in Indiana. "I started using SQCpack and R&Rpack at Dana some time in 1988," he says.

Combining customer needs with new technology

In some ways, Auburn Clutch reflects the historical changes that have characterized many growing companies. Those that continue to thrive find that, like Auburn Clutch, they must keep abreast of their customers’ needs as well as new technologies that will help them be "world class suppliers," as Auburn’s quality policy promises. Like many companies, Auburn Clutch began as a small organization in the 1930s that was purchased by a larger corporation--Dana Corporation--in the 1940s. It evolved into what was known as Department 500 of Spicer Clutch Divison of Dana, and operated with this arrangement until the 1990s. The department was purchased by the founders, Maury Hagan, Jeff Miller, and Steve Booher and re-opened as Auburn Clutch Company in February 1997.

Most recently Auburn Clutch was acquired by Metal Technologies Incorporated. Auburn Clutch general manager Jeff Miller says, "this is a move that will provide for further growth with existing and new customers, both in their product families and their machining operations." It is here where Miller believes the use of PQ products will be increasingly important.

Improving products key to commitment to customers

With each of its changes, Auburn Clutch has retained its commitment to its customers and suppliers, Mason says, and this commitment means using technology to improve its products and services. This is where SQCpack and GAGEpack come in. Charting processes is a way to understand them, Mason says, and has become a way of life for Auburn’s quality system.

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