Version 8.0 latest release

Download the installation file

Last updated: 28-November-2008
File size: 37.9 MB


Run the downloaded installation EXE program. Ensure that you start the install by running the downloaded GAGEpack installation EXE instead of starting the install from Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel.

If GAGEpack EZ 8.0 is already installed on your computer, and you desire to update to version, click the download button to download the update installation file.

If you have a version of GAGEpack EZ other than 8.0, DO NOT INSTALL GAGEpack EZ 8.0 in the same directory as your current GAGEpack software.

If you have trouble downloading or installing this file, please email us at

New features in this version include:

  • Create up to 10 customized toolbars for calibration, inventory management, MSA, or even individual technicians, then quickly switch among them to personalize your main screen.

  • Perform a verification between calibrations to verify that a gage is still in calibration. The new Verification event is similar to a calibration event except that it does not affect the calibration due date. You can even add verification steps that are different from the calibration steps for the gage.

  • Track any number of individual maintenance actions per gage in the enhanced maintenance section. Define simple maintenance tasks, each with its own cycle time (due period), display these tasks on the new calendar option, and generate associated reports.

  • Record more detailed event information by adding up to two additional user-defined fields to event type (calibration, maintenance, etc). The fields can also have a user entered drop-down choice list attached to them.

  • An Upgrade Wizard allows you to transfer all of your settings from a previous GAGEpack installation for a seamless upgrade of both the gage and choice list databases.

  • Ensure consistency among events and save data entry time by using optional drop down choice lists for event names.

  • Tighten security measures by employing the new lockout function that can lock GAGEpack against intruders if a PC is to be left unattended.

  • Many new user-defined fields and customizable drop-down choice lists allow you to further customize GAGEpack EZ for your specific application.