New features in version 11

If you have a few minutes, you can take a tour of the world's easiest gage calibration software.

Simply click a video below to watch a tour about the new features of GAGEpack 11.


Allows users and gages to be added to Divisions in a GAGEpack database, enabling users to see only those gages relevant to their divisions, departments or facilities, and for multiple departments or facilities to be managed within a single GAGEpack database.

Corporate Settings

Database-wide options which correspond with certain previously available local settings, providing an enterprise-wide consistency of critical settings.


Enhanced language support for Italian, French, German, Spanish, and Spanish LA (Latin America), as well as newly-available translations in Mandarin and Portuguese. The default reports, labels, and management statistics are fully translated into the currently active language when they are viewed.

Master Gages

Masters tab to store an unlimited number of master gages, along with relevant information about each master gage.

Search and Replace

New Search and Replace tools for calibration templates, master gages, and PM plans, to make mass changes to a database quicker than ever before.