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For nearly 30 years, PQ Systems has been a worldwide leader in providing gage management and measurement systems analysis software to a variety of manufacturers.

In 1986, we released our first version of GAGEpack, the original gage calibration software package. Since then, we have been continuously dedicated to improving our gage management software solutions. Based on customer feedback, we added measurement systems analysis studies in the 1990s so that customers could ensure the accuracy of their measurement systems. Our most recent release of GAGEpack gage calibration software is the easiest yet most comprehensive gage tracking software release to date.

Why choose PQ Systems GAGEpack?

Experience: For over 30 years, PQ Systems, Inc. has been providing easy-to-use gage management software and measurement systems analysis software and services for all types of manufacturing organizations including automotive, steel, food processing, chemical, pulp and paper, medical, and more.

Proven success: Our gage calibration management software GAGEpack is being used in high-performance organizations such as 3M, Crestview Aerospace, Harley Davidson, Los Alamos, and Parker Hannifin.

Happy customers:  Hundreds of our customers have been with us since our beginning in the 1980s. Now that’s customer retention.

We do the hard work:  We ask the right questions to ensure that your gage calibration software implementation will be the most efficient for your organization.

Direct access to a highly-qualified team: Our on-shore team of advisors and trainers has a combined 150 years of experience helping thousands of customers manage their measurement systems. The team answers your calls live, saving you the time and frustration of sitting on hold or waiting for a callback.

Learn more about implementing gage calibration software in your organization by calling us at 800-777-3020. Or, download a free 14-day trial of GAGEpack.


Gage management, calibration history, and R&R studies.

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