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Quality is the ongoing matching of customer needs with products or services. Nearly every organization touts “high quality,” as evidenced by the frequency of the word “quality” in advertising. Proving quality, however; is another matter.

Whether you manufacture a product or provide a service, demonstrating proof of quality is not only important, it is often required. Customers, managers, employees, board members, associations, regulatory bodies, and accreditors need to see demonstrated proof of quality.

So how do you prove quality?

PQ Systems provides several tools to help demonstrate proof of quality performance.

Infinite possibilities of quality tools and measures exist, but you should focus on what is important to your customers. A hospital, for example, might want to look at waiting times in the ER. A postal service might examine the number of misdirected packages. A food manufacturer might measure the fill weight of a can of baked beans or the number of chocolate chips in its cookies. 

The type of proof that is required also depends upon the consumer of the information. If you manufacture automotive parts, your customer might require a cpk with the part you ship. A quality auditor might require a calibration history for a gage, and an expectant mother might want to see how C-section rates at a local hospital compare to those nationwide.

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Practical Tools for Continuous Improvement