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Addressing barriers to scaling data: Some tips

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Quality Quiz: With a video!

Data in everyday life

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Welcome to Quality eLine, a monthly summary of blog posts from PQ Systems, developers of software solutions and training services that help customers demonstrate proof of their quality performance.

The PQ Systems blog is your hub for industry quality news, case studies, information about product enhancements, and tips to enhance your software use. Have your say and exchange ideas in this interactive format.

Addressing barriers to scaling data:
Some tips

Like a recipe designed for four servings that is called upon to serve 4,000, dramatically up-scaling the number of quality metrics being monitored may demand new approaches when deploying SPC. Here are some thoughts and approaches to overcoming barriers to scaling your SPC efforts.
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Reader survey:
Data security

This month, we look at threats to data security. How many times has your data system been breached or hacked in the past year? Plus, see the results of last month's poll.
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Quality Quiz:Professor Cleary
Another quiz from Professor Cleary— and last month's winners!

Winners of last month's quiz and a copy of Quality Gamebox are Carol Barnhart (Cigna), David Martin (Katayama American Co. Inc.), and Rachelle Heminger (StemCyte). Congratulations! For this month's quiz, and a chance to win a copy of Quality Gamebox, submit your response by February 22 to be entered in the drawing.
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Data in everyday life:
Valentine's Day gifts

With Valentine's Day celebrated in the U.S. and elsewhere, this chart shows what gifts men typically buy. What are you expecting for Valentine's Day?
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Six Sigma and more: David Schwinn
Find the good...

David Schwinn is inspired by the patriotic events of January that celebrate who we are as Americans, and the documents that assure our democracy and equal treatment of citizens.
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Bytes and pieces:

  • Hotel quality: Hotel chains that received high satisfaction marks from leisure and business travelers during this past holiday season are reviewed here.
  • Quality workgroup formed: Standards development organization Health Level Seven International has formed a new clinical quality information workgroup to create standards to support health quality initiatives.
  • Tracking medical devices: In the interest of safety, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has proposed that most medical devices distributed in the United States carry a unique device identifier, or UDI.

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