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Quality Quiz:Professor Cleary
Another quiz from Professor Cleary

Justin Tyme is a manager at Wright’s Write Right Manufacturing, a producer of mechanical pencils. In recent weeks, many pencils have been rejected in the final inspection at the end of the production line. The chief inspector, Adair Yu, felt that the fault lay with the workers themselves, so she called a meeting in the cafeteria to broach the subject. The meeting, of course, was scheduled after the line stopped, so it took place during the workers’ off time.

Adair challenged the workers with their apparent lack of caring about the company and its customers, and chided them for not being willing to put in the required effort to assure products that would pass her inspection. The disgruntled workers offered no responses to her challenge, instead making no eye contact and wondering when the meeting would be over.

Justin Tyme, unaware of the problems with the final product, continued to focus on ways to reduce costs of the eraser component that was made by outside suppliers. When he heard about Adair’s challenge to workers, he agreed with her that the workers probably needed more pep talks to fix the problem.

What can Justin Tyme and Adair Yu do to assure a reduction in the number of rejected pencils?

A. hire more supervisors to watch the workers and improve their efficiency;

B. reduce their pay for shoddy work;

C. pay them more so they’ll have incentive to work harder;

D. none of the above; this is a systems problem.


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