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Known by the company it keeps, Island Oasis’ products are served by the most popular food service vendors in the world, as well as in health clubs, coffee bars, and restaurants. Undoubtedly, you have enjoyed its products. As part of its commitment to quality, Island Oasis is now using SQCpackstatistical process control software from PQ Systems.

Island OasisIsland Oasis leads the frozen drink industry, providing first-class fruit juice products, cocktail ingredients, and smoothie products as well as ice cream to major distributors and customers in the food service industry. Focusing on using only the freshest ingredients and natural foods, Island Oasis prides itself on taste that’s as fresh as the day the ingredients are picked.

In assuring the quality of these products, Island Oasis has begun using SQCpack to monitor critical  quality blending and filling analytical data “to proactively manage and continuously improve our processes,” says Phil Marcasciano, Vice President of Quality for the Massachusetts-based company.

SQCpack is easy statistical process control software that provides the functionality required to comply with regulatory standards such as ISO 9000, Six Sigma, Baldrige, Joint Commission, and other quality standards. PQ Systems’ customers use the program in manufacturing, service, and healthcare environments to monitor process stability and support data analysis, providing proof of the quality of their products and services.

With a focus on providing fresh, healthy frozen beverage drinks as well as offering products that are related to the preparation of frozen beverages, Island Oasis has a single mission. Since 1984, the company has maintained its commitment to be “the premiere frozen beverage supply company in the world.” Indeed, its products are enjoyed worldwide—throughout North America, Mexico and the Caribbean, as well as in locations as distant as Asia.

In addition to its food products, Island Oasis provides equipment, including ice machines and drink mixers, to restaurants and other organizations. While customers in these establishments may not be aware of the role that Island Oasis plays, they nonetheless count on quality in the juice products and ice that depend on this equipment.

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