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Finding charting software
that you’ll look forward to using

Does your food processor sit on the counter as you chop an onion by hand, just because the knife is easier to use than getting the equipment ready and then cleaning it up afterwards? You have undoubtedly found yourself with a gadget that sounded (before you bought it) as if it would be simple to use and would solve all your problems, but when you tried to use it, you found that its complexity kept you from turning to it when it might have actually helped you out. 

Apps on your phone or tablet can be the same way. They sounded great before you downloaded them, but they sit on the desktop unused because you’ve forgotten exactly how to use them effectively. Or they don’t measure up to your expectations.

When it comes to charting, many applications today can make charts. You probably can find five applications on your computer right now that make charts. Why aren’t you using them all? Perhaps your expectations were greater than their capabilities, or your needs have changed, or they take too long to draw charts, or other reasons. We attribute these barriers to regular use to what is known as friction in the process. Nothing impedes charting like the friction in the software.

Business managers today need to stay aware of a growing number of metrics. To stay competitive around the world, to respond at internet speed to changing business conditions, to comply with standards and regulations, and to meet customer requirements: To do all of these well requires frequent review of charts. These charts can compress a complex story into a few seconds of understanding that will lead to better decisions.

Support analysts at PQ Systems often speak with managers and data analysts who spend most of their business day working with charting and analysis software. Little inefficiencies and sub-optimal software design can lead to friction in the charting process. This can be damaging because you really need be looking at more charts - but the software experience can tend to discourage more widespread charting and analysis efforts.

CHARTrunner Lean's easy-to-use interface makes creating and viewing your charts simple.CHARTrunner® Lean will create, maintain, navigate to, and understand more of these charts, and will do these tasks quickly and efficiently. It will increase your bandwidth for keeping up with important metrics.

CHARTrunner Lean provides charts commonly used for quality improvement; control charts, Pareto diagrams, run charts, histograms, and multi-line charts. Although this selection of chart types is important, the real benefit with CHARTrunner Lean is a streamlined workflow for managing and getting tangible benefits from your charts.

CHARTrunner Lean, however, re-thinks the charting process, removes the friction, and encourages the broader use of charts and analytical thinking. This can have broad impact on your decision making – particularly as it relates to quality improvement. If your charting and analysis employees have an effective and pleasant-to-use analysis tool, they will do more analysis.

We can promise that you won’t find this tool sitting idly on the counter with your food processor.

>> Learn more about CHARTrunner Lean and download a free trial.
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